Historical Commentary on the Gospel of Mark
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April 25th, 2005

Much new material added from several books.
April 4, 2005

Much new material from articles and books added, several chiasms adjusted.
March 26, 2005

Added material from 40 more articles.
March 24, 2005

Added new material from several books and articles, revamped certain chiasms. Began work on Historical Interpretation of Mark.
March 13, 2005

Revamped order of excursi, added new material to chiasms, added chiasm rules.
March 13, 2005

Updated chiasms in Mark 15.
March 12, 2005

Many new chiasms added. Chiastic structure of Mark 8:22-11:1 revealed, as well as Mark 1 and 2. New material added to many pericopes.
March 8, 2005

Mark 14-16:2 chiasm added
March 4, 2005

Major changes as many new chiasms added in Mark 14-15.
Feb 26, 2005

New chiasm inputted in Mark 15:1-15, with entries at Infidels and in my blog. Incorporated material from Dart.
Feb 20, 2005

New material added to several chapters and the introduction based on many new articles obtained at Fujen University earlier in the week.
Feb 17, 2005

New material added to several chapters, including 3 and 8.
Feb 7, 2005

New material added to several chapters, methodology section expanded and touched up.
Feb 5 2005

New material added in Mark 9 and Mark 2.
Feb 3, 2005

New material added to Intro and Mark 14. New material on Pharisees added in Mark 2.
Feb 2, 2005

Added new material to Mark 11. Minor additions and corrections.
Jan 27, 2005

Corrected an error in Mark 1. New material added in Mark 5 (bleeding woman), Mark 6, Mark 7
Jan 22, 2005

Additional remarks on Son of Man inserted.
Jan 14, 2005

Inserted new chiastic structure uncovered in Mk 6:1-6.
Jan 10, 2005

New material on the scribes added. More Pauline parallels inserted. Uploaded website to Google.
Jan 2 , 2005

New material added to the methodology page, new material added to commentary to Mark 16:1-8. Additions to many chapters.
Jan 1, 2005

New material on chiasms added to several chapters, including Excursus on literary features.
Dec 31, 2004

Rewrote Excursus on Paul and Mark. Added new material to Methodology page. Added new chiasm to Mark 3:20-30
Dec 30, 2004

Website up! Made minor spelling and layout corrections. New material inserted in Excursus in Mark 13.