Sun Moon Lake
Jiji Train Station

Pictures from several trips to a Japanese-period hydroelectric reservoir and dam project that produced a lake surrounded by stunning mountain scenery, and a tourist trap nearby formed around a Japanese-era train station.

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Jiji town used to be another picturesque moutain town, until one day it was Discovered. Now it couldn't be more of a tourist if giant tentacles sprouted from the ground at random intervals to snatch up visitors and drag them screaming into the bowels of the earth. .

Another sunny day, and thus, time for sunscreen. Don't leave home without it.

Grandma shoots some video.

Jiji is a favorite spot for teenagers.

Taking pictures -- because what else is there to do at Jiji?

After picture taking, you can buy something to take home.

Kids selling beetles.

On the way to Sun Moon Lake you climb through the town of Puli.

Sun Moon Lake at dawn.

The sign actually warns against vendors establishing their stalls in the area.

The temple from the previous pic. The Olympus C-770 has a fantastic super telephoto.

A campground at Sun Moon Lake.

In July of 2006 a procession was entering the temple as we arrived.

Burning the Ghost Money.

Here the medium, possessed by the temple god, dances and chants.

The medium helps a woman who has come to ask the temple god for a favor.

So overcome with the power of the god is the woman that she cannot stand.

At most of the major tourist sites, like the Wen Wu Temple at Sun Moon Lake, Falun Gong hands out its propaganda.

Where we had lunch in 2006.

De Hwa village at night.

A swank hotel in one of the lakeside communities.

Raising flowers on the lake.

The boat docks. New construction here was built with recovery funding from the government after the 9/21 quake destroyed much of the tourist infrastructure.

Ticket stand for the boats.

On the way home through Nantou, land of betel nut palms and mountain haze.
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