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Humor Department: Don’t Politicize 2-28!

The Taipei Times weighed in with a comical story entitled “Don’t Politicize 2-28, Mainlanders Say.” They left off the unspoken corollary, which should read something like “…but let us keep our priviliged positions in the military, the government, and society at large that we earned as a result of the political killings.”
The article itself [...]

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A great letter

My Taiwan website generates 4-8 emails a day, and many are like this:
Dear trusty author,I couldn’t help it. I just had to stop my tour to congratulate you onyour great website. Everything there is just great: from the tips you giveto foreigners to the amazing pictures and accompanying captions. I mustsay you are both an [...]

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Our new dog!!!!

We got a new dog today! A fully housebroken and beautiful golden retriever.

If we get any more animals we’ll have to apply for government permit to operate as a Zoo!
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A-bian’s Contract on the PFP

“You should have stuck to your original contract. Or your second plan. Or your third. You should, in fact, have stuck to something. Anything. Your total self-interest didn’t make you strong. It made you a rag in the wind, anybody’s to pick up.” — The Vor Game
News today reports that Chen Shui-bian, our energetic President, [...]

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What should Taiwan do?

Marc Plumb wrote an informative letter to the Taipei Times on the EU drive to resume selling weapons to China.
For Taiwan, the upcoming trouble the US will have with Iran may push the Chinese navy to make a move to blockade Taiwan, not only to challenge those who support independence, but also to give the [...]

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A Morning Guffaw

A friend of mine sent me this hilarious blog entry about an important find in a used book store in Taichung.
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Out of Commission Until the Weekend!

I’m swamped at the moment! Back later!
Related PostsIt’s grading time……and so I am likely to be out of commission until Wednesday.Taiwanese Investment in China FallsTaiwan’s investment in China has fallen, though it is hard to see the reason. A simple blip? But out…Off to Taipei and Points north…….for the weekend. Hiking above Fulung beach, expensive [...]

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Want some…Fried Rice? Need a cookbook title suggestion….

My wife, who translates cookbooks, got a doozy in the mail today. With names changed to protect the guilty, the book, written by an older woman who is a famous local chef, was entitled Mrs. Chen Teaches Fried Rice (Chen taitai jiao ni chao fan). For those of you who aren’t up on the local [...]

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Mention My Name in Atlantis

You just never know when and how your name will turn up. I googled my name, just for fun, and found that people had posted emails I sent them and all kind of stuff, scary and stimulating and rewarding. I gave an international adoption site permission to use my pics, and they picked some nice [...]

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News Flash: Taiwan at Bottom of Environmental Index

The Taipei Times and other major newspapers reported the other day that Taiwan has perhaps the worst environmental record on the planet, ahead of only Stalinist North Korea. The findings were released by the Environmental Sustainability Index, a joint project of Yale and Columbia. Taiwan was a full 12 spots behind China, which is an [...]

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In the category of Civilization in Decline, you know those icchy paraffin-and-cardboard flavored mass market puddings, with disgusting brown syrup on top that looks like WD 40 with caramelized sugar added? Well, Haagen-Daz has a new flavor out….
World-record stinginess: My wife recently sold a poncho to a woman over the Internet for a whopping $11 [...]

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Night Markets: Entertainment for the Working Class

My wife negotiates with a Night Market candy dealer
Night Markets like the one pictured above are a slowly vanishing form of entertainment for the working class. My Taiwan website has a collection of pictures of night markets from around the island, if you want to see more.Two or three Saturday nights a month my wife [...]

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Chinese New Year

We’re back!
We went to Hsinchu this Chinese New Year. My in-laws live in Taipei, which we hate going to because of the cold, rainy weather during Chinese New Year. Here we are gathering for another round of that most human of activities, eating with family.

We went up early to avoid the massive New Year’s traffic, [...]

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Driving and Land Use in Taiwan

Here a car speeds past a line of waiting cars and runs a red light.
One of the things that I want to do is use this Blog as a way to elaborate on the points made on my website. So without further ado, let’s comment on some issues raised on my page on Driving [...]

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Our New Cats!

On a personal note, we added two cats to our menagerie, which now includes two dogs, two cats, two birds, one fish, and two turtles, and innumerable geckos, spiders, and similar.

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