My Taiwan website generates 4-8 emails a day, and many are like this:

Dear trusty author,
I couldn’t help it. I just had to stop my tour to congratulate you on
your great website. Everything there is just great: from the tips you give
to foreigners to the amazing pictures and accompanying captions. I must
say you are both an excellent writer and a great photographer.
Congratulations!!!I’ve spent the last two hours visiting every link of
your web site and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep before I can get to
the very end of it. I do love Taiwan, I know lots of other web sites
containing pictures and information on this country, but none compares to yours in
terms of quality. By the way, “trusty author” is how you call yourself in one of the
captions: “Your trusty author in Neihu in younger, thinner days. The views over
the city from the mountains nearby are breathtaking.” Now I will resume my tour …
Best wishes to you and your BEAUTIFUL family!