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Feedback on the Ta-Ken pics….

Hi Michael,
One-time Taichung resident and longtime visitor to your site.Man, those pictures make me miss hiking Ta Ken.I remember before and after the earthquake…it finally lookslike they put the park back together. It looks like alot has changed even in thethree years since I last hiked up there…Anyway, keep up the great site!
JWWashington DC

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I’ve added a few more pics to my justpix page, basically a page of stray pictures on Taiwan, and begun massively updating the site this week! Only a month late!
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Day Hiking: it’s here!

Taiwanese enjoy hiking very much — which is strange, because they hate walking — and the mountains are criss-crossed by trails, especially near urban areas. If you are fortunate to live a few minutes away from a hill or peak, you can enjoy many a pleasant hour strolling through lush greenery while dodging motorcycles zooming [...]

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Editorial In Taipei Times

The Taipei Times ran my editorial today, with very minor changes. Apparently their editorial staff has never heard the phrase ‘declare the revolution’ so they changed the all-important “the” to “a” but other than that, no serious changes.
Lots of fun coming up as a major workload producer finally ran out of steam today. More stuff [...]

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Chalmers Johnson on Anti War

Johnson has an article on the US, China and Taiwan at which is utterly clueless about Taiwan, and worse, uncritically accepts China’s claims, and defends its positions while attacking Taiwan for wanting freedom and independence. He also seems to accept the KMT’s spin on Taiwan politics. Very sad.
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Wow! Haven’t posted here in a while!

Too busy sussing out the structure of Mark and doing translation work! Sorry! Won’t be posting here for another week or so!
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Book Review: Selden and So, eds., _War and State Terrorism: The United States, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific in the Long Twentieth Century_.

This wonderful review appear on H-Asia:
H-ASIAMarch 8, 2005
Book Review by William Sewell on Mark Selden and Alvin Y. So, eds., _War and State Terrorism: The United States, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific in the Long Twentieth Century_. (orig. published on H-US-JAPAN)—-Ed. note: This review appeared on H-US-JAPAN in February of this year, and was forwarded [...]

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A few days more…

Swamped here….things should clear up next week. Got a backlog of writing to do!
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As Bush Burns the US, the China Threat Grows

China to ‘boost’ military spending
Hu Warns Against Independence
With Bush rapidly grinding down US power and influence in the world, here in Taiwan we face an increasingly uncertain future. China’s formal double digit defense spending growth masks much greater real military spending growth, and its swelling hegemonic drive in Asia that can only portend bad [...]

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More great letters

Wow,Stumbled onto your website when I googled Taiwanese breakfast and for the pass two day have been going through each page completely transported back to Taiwan by the wonderful and plentiful pictures. Thanks, for all of your hard work putting this site together. I lived in Taiwan 91-93 while on a mission for my church. [...]

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