Nicholas Kristoff has a great article on CommonDreams on the growth of interracial marriages in the US.

As of the 2000 census, 6 percent of married black men had a white wife, and 3 percent of married black women had a white husband - and the share is much higher among young couples. Huge majorities of both blacks and whites say they approve of interracial marriages, and the number of interracial marriages is doubling each decade. One survey found that 40 percent of Americans had dated someone of a different race.

But it’s hard to argue that America is becoming more colorblind when one benchmark is still missing: When will Hollywood dare release a major movie in which Denzel Washington and Reese Witherspoon fall passionately in love?”

Speaking as a member of a cross-cultural marriage, I think it is great that interracial marriage is at last becoming a normal thing to do in the US. Now if only they would include Asians in this idea of “race.” Too often, when you look at a movie, the token non-white is black, and Asians do not exist. And people from the Indian subcontinent, well, they are not even on the same planet.

Doubling every decade! Perhaps one day we’ll all be brown, and this racism thing will have ended forever.