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Lien’s Drive for the Top Continues?

I’ve been following Lien Chan’s non-campaign for chairmanship of the KMT with much ironic relish, and today events took a new turn. One of Lien’s chief opponents is the pretty but feckless mayor of Taipei, Ma Ying-jeou. Today the Taipei Times, among other local newspapers, reported that Ma’s father supports Lien Chan.

In an embarrassing [...]

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Triads In Taiwan: the Dragon Rears an Ugly Head

There was a graphic public demonstration of the power of organized crime in Taiwan yesterday as 10,000 gangsters showed up to thumb their noses at the police at the funeral of “Mosquito Brother.”

The funeral began at 12:30pm and drew to a close at 2:30pm. After the funeral service, Hsu’s ashes were brought to Taipei [...]

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Couldn’t find a job

A letter writer complains…
My website says:
“Really, though, any time is good. Teachers are in demand year-round in Taiwan, and you cannot fail to find work.”

That’s not true. The hostile I stayed at for 4 weeks was owned by a couple that had never seen anyone try as hard as I did [...]

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ESWN on Taiwan in the Chinese Press.

ESWN, a blog of consistent high quality, has a fabulous article on what China needs to understand about Taiwan. The article it discusses appeared in the Chinese press…
The appearance of an article in a mainland Chinese newspaper has caused quite a stir. Here are the factors that made this simple event so significance. [...]

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I am Really, Really, 42 Years Old

Yes, it’s true. How do I know? I bought a weightlifting machine. I always liked to lift weights when was younger and svelter, instead of older and swelter. So here’s me rediscovering my inner jock:

We ordered the machine off of Yahoo direct from the factory in Changhua. It cost 11K installed by two very nice [...]

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Ghostwriters Threaten University System

Some publicity on a long-running problem. There are just so many ways to cheat.
During a press conference held to raise awareness about ghostwriting, Huang and three other DPP legislators, including Cheng Yun-peng (鄭運鵬), Eva Hsieh (謝欣霓) and Winston Dang (陳重信), invited a graduate student and ministry officials to talk about the problem.
A search [...]

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Stephen Carter: Destroy the Pan-Blues

Stephen Carter, a former teacher at my university, had an angry editorial in the Taipei Times today that the paper entitled “Destroy the Pan-Blues.” Carter, a pro-Bush Canadian who once, upon hearing me critique our incompetent and authoritarian President’s foreign policy, asked me why I hated America. Carter’s rant said:
The sad truth is that no [...]

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Nancy Pelosi Discovers China is Bad

The Taipei Times reports today that veteran Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi says US China Policy is a Total Failure. No kidding? Really? Does this mean that the Dems are going to refund the money they took from the Chinese during the Clinton years? Oh, but then you already had to. So the Chinese got everything [...]

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Swamped again

I’m snowed under here, so I am curtailing posts to this blog this week. But I did want to note that the Project on Defense Alternatives has its Iraq report
Vicious Circle: The Dynamics of Occupation and Resistance in Iraq
Up and ready to be read. It’s damning stuff, and should be read by anyone with an [...]

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The Mormon Dancers are here!

Spent a wonderful evening tonight watching a group of Mormon Dancers from the US on tour, stopping by Taichung for an evening. Tickets were had courtesy of a close friend, for which I am eternally grateful. Taichung has so little culture that even the smallest dollop goes a long way.
One nice thing about the evening, [...]

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Media Talks on the National Assembly Elections

The New Zealand Herald says that Taiwan rejects China offers as hopes for talks dim.
TAIPEI/BEIJING - Taiwan has rejected Chinese offers of economic sweeteners and a new formula to define current bilateral ties, dashing hopes for fresh talks between the rivals and prolonging a dangerous stalemate.
James Soong, head of Taiwan’s second-biggest opposition party, and Chinese [...]

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WashPost: On Target for Once

The Washington Post, which generally leans Xinhua on Taiwan affairs, published a fairly decent article on Soong’s visit to China. I wish that the paper would do a better job of representing actual public opinion on Taiwan…
The communique still includes references to the “1992 consensus” and the “one China” principle, as well as a section [...]

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Moments from life

One great thing about Taiwan is of course the food, and going out with good friends. Here’s a feast at a local restaurant with my close friends and neighbors Steve and Rhonda
Here’s Steve doing his Paul Newman impression:Sexier than Paul Newman?
And Rhonda with their son Josh.Rhonda’s warmth and energy grace any table.
And just to [...]

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Letters from Abroad

I get a lot of letters like this:
Dear Sir,
This is _____ from the Philippines. I just read your web site about Taiwan View and employement on language teacher. Sir, where can i apply for a teaching position? I am a graduate of Master’s Degree [...]

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The Guardian on WWII: Get a Grip….on the Facts, please

The Taipei Times, Taiwan’s best newspaper, recently published an article on from the Guardian on WWII. I wish some people would catch up to recent research….
In reality they needed each other. Soviet efforts required the flow of resources under the “Lend Lease” program. Weapons were few, and the Soviets regarded them as second-rate. But the [...]

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