Karl and Mike are the new Axis and Allies champions of Taichung after overwhelming Aaron and Malv in a contest of endurance that featured 28 minutes of actual game play and three and a half hours of rabbinical discussions of the rules, scurrilous gossip about people we’ve never met, various forms of emotional and mental abuse, and much mutual huffing about who had real organs and who had mere organelles. Karl has blogged this seminal event.

The realization sweeps over Aaron that yes, Malv is his partner.

The new rules changes, new units, and vastly different board made for tense moments as participants struggled to pronounce the territory names. Alcohol ensured that this process went more smoothly than it might have.

The realization sweeps over Malv that yes, he has just implemented Aaron’s plan.

Although Malv and Aaron didn’t realize it, they were up against a Sicilian with death on the line, AND committed to a land war in Asia. These are two famous no-noes.

The results were grim.

“No, Michael, you cannot invade Italy. Italy is MY territory.”

The turning point of the game was when the British invaded France and, horrified at their mistake, promptly returned it to the Germans.

Karl grins as Malv’s Russian infantry toss more boxcars than an earthquake in a switching yard.

Looking forward to next time, when Karl will have to make significant alterations to the profile on his blog after he faces me.