The Taipei Times reports today that veteran Democratic Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi says US China Policy is a Total Failure. No kidding? Really? Does this mean that the Dems are going to refund the money they took from the Chinese during the Clinton years? Oh, but then you already had to. So the Chinese got everything they wanted, and you guys didn’t even get to keep the money. Pathetic. Ms. Pelosi moans:

Pelosi said US officials missed a golden opportunity to wield influence on China in the area of human rights and trade a decade and a half ago — when the trade deficit was not as large.

Well what did you expect when money was flowing across the Pacific into Democratic pockets? That anything useful would be done?

“The United States had much more leverage early on with the Chinese … before we gave them Most Favored Nation status permanently with nothing on their side … before we smoothed the way for them to go into the WTO,” she said.

No shit, Sherlock. And if the Dems handn’t shilled for Beijing during the Clinton Administration, and rolled over for the Republicans during the Bush Administration, maybe you’d have leverage. But now we here in Taiwan have to reap what you sowed.

Thanks, Dems!