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China moving into South America

China has been strengthening its ties with Latin America in the last couple of years, looking for new sources of oil and new export markets. Today’s Financial Times reports on enhanced ties between China and Ecuador. While most attention has been focused on the US-China rivalry in Asia, it would be well to watch Central [...]

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Mad Cow Reprise

I’ve updated my Mad Cow posting with more stuff from Ni Howdy, and from activist John Stauber…
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Student Punishments in Taiwan, brought to you by Apple Daily

ESWN brought us this fascinating tale from Apple Daily of student punishments in Taiwan. ESWN writes:
To be fair, the phenomenon described here can be seen in many other countries (for example, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, Japan, etc). However, in Taiwan, Apple Daily seems to devote more space to covering the subject.
Apple Daily is a [...]

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Men and women in Taiwan

I got a wonderfully warm letter in my email box the other day that compels me write on something I have long wanted to discuss….the writer said:

I agree entirely about the male - female relationship problems. The Taiwanese just study too hard throughout their youth that they never ever get to know about the opposite [...]

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Media misrepresentation continues on King Car

King Car, a group of missionaries posing as volunteer English teachers in rural areas, is in the news again — here is an earlier story from last year. The local news media has now written two large stories on King Car without once mentioning that they are a missionary group. The fact is that King [...]

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More from the Hatemail stack

Got this in a greeting card the other day. I never went to look, thinking it was spam, but they sent out a reminder today, so I looked. The greeting card was a cowardly way to send hatemail….but I didn’t have the right plug-in, so couldn’t view the animation. Here’s the pic (click for larger [...]

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That shout of joy you may have heard around 9:30 AM was me finishing grading all my tests and papers!
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Site Updates begun!

I added some new stuff to the website today, expanding my second Just Pictures page, and adding a page on critters that collects all the critter photos I have on the site on web page. I hope to start revisions to my history page later this summer.
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Taiwan has some great bugs VI

I nabbed these guys on a walk to pick up my daughter today (click for full size)
This crawlie was menacing our ivy plants….

This beautiful beetle is commonly found in my neighborhood….

A refugee from the cast of Mimic? No, just a cicada looking a mite alien in a close-up.

Lizards: always fun for the cat to chase.

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On Kinmen Island, Residents Chafe at Not Being Part of China — and other stories

Tim Johnson of Knight Ridder’s Washington Bureau writes on the residents of Kinmen, “suffering” for being part of Taiwan.

But fear of colossal China, barely a few miles away, has given way to envy and frustration. Residents gaze across the water and see high-rises and late-model cars. They hear tales of new wealth and economic boom [...]

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Taiwan Independence Bracelets

Feli over at Writer’s Block has a pointer to these Taiwan Independence Bracelets sold by FAPA. Good for any occasion, except perhaps passing through customs in Guangdong.

Kudos to Coen Blaauw and the FAPA Young Professionals Group.
Related PostsMy Taiwanation Bracelets Arrive!Taiwan duli, wan sui! Thanks to the kindness of Jason Wright, I’ve a set of [...]

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Taiwan and Maps: China seizes material meant for Japanese School in China

Chinese officials seized materials meant for a Japanese expat school in Dalian because Taiwan was colored differently than China, reports the Asahi Shimbun

BEIJING–Customs officials in Dalian confiscated educational materials headed for a Japanese school because of “inappropriate” references to Taiwan, including maps that gave the island a different color than China’s.

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Technorati Tag Post

I’ve created this as an updatable list of Technorati tags I’ve used here so I can grab them quickly without laborious typing.
[Taiwan][US][China][2008 Presidential Election][abortion][adoption] [Asia][Asian Blogs][Asiapundit][Axis & Allies][Axis and Allies][BBC][betel nut girls][bonsai][Buddhism][Bush][Chen Shui-bian][Chinese][Chinese Food][Chinese Taipei][CommonDreams] [DailyKos][Democrats][Democracy][DPP][English][ESL in Taiwan] [ESWN][EU][European Union][F-16][Fallujah][Falun Gong][FAPA][feng shui][food][France][Frank Hsieh] [Freshtreks][Thomas Friedman][Germany][Golden Horse Awards][Green Island][GPS][hegemony][Heritage Foundation][Hong Kong][Hsinchu[human rights][India][Indian Food][insects][Iraq][James Soong][Japan][Jimmy Carter][Kaohsiung][Kaohsiung Incident][Katrina][KMT][Korea][LA [...]

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We Should Censor the Internet in China Because Western Porn is Polluting It!

ESWN, always a font of fascinating stuff, offered this argument for web censorship in China:
Inevitably, someone is bound to draw the analogy to the Opium Wars. Once upon a time, the Chinese government declared that it no longer wanted to have the opium produced by the East India Company, even though its addicted citizens craved [...]

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Dribs and Drabs

I am furiously grading papers….but I wanted to blog this letter:
Hi Michael,
What is an absolutely great website! I can’t begin to express how much enjoyment it had brought me in perusing through your galleries of pictures. This is especially true with those food and food market related pictures. Viewing this site is almost like dousing [...]

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