Our feckless President announced today that he would defend Taiwan:

Moreover, Bush said, the US adhered to the Taiwan Relations Act, which meant that it opposed either side of the Taiwan Strait unilaterally changing the status quo.

“In other words, neither side will make a decision that steps outside the bounds of that statement I just made to you. If China were to invade unilaterally, we would rise up in the spirit of [the] Taiwan Relations Act. If Taiwan were to declare independence, it would be a unilateral decision that would then change the US equation,” Bush added.

Hey George? You and what army? Recruiting missed the target by a quarter (a third if the Pentagon hadn’t revised the targets downwards). You broke our army in Iraq. You blew our budget with the biggest deficit in the history of the United States. Your corporate fellows are busy mismanaging our industrial capacity. But don’t worry about it! Maybe you can fund a campaign against China with the $215 million that your GOP copycats mysteriously lost in Ohio…..or maybe you’ll luck out, and your pro-fossil fuel policies will warm the globe so quickly that Taiwan will drown before it can be invaded….