I also get hatemail from time to time. Today’s I found this in my mailbox:

You’ve got to be the stupidest person I have ever known. Not only that. You hate Taiwan. What a hate site. This is all so UNtrue. I have read every comment in here and I am appalled. Get the fuck out of Taiwan and go live in Colombia or go live in the burbs of New York City, Mexico City, Pnom Penn or Johannesburg. Get a real life and stop spreading malicious rumours about life in Taiwan. Like all places, there are some things that occur, but this is all so blown out of proportion. Luckily, I am already collaborating with a friend on a project to counterclaim all the stupidity on this site. You shoudl be reported to the FOREIGN AFFAIRS OFFICE and be barred from this nation. DROP DEAD!

A follow-up email reported:


In the past few years there have been several incidents of violence committed by taxi drivers against solitary female passengers. In several parts of Taiwan, incidents of purse snatching by thieves on motorcycles have been reported.
Note: …several incidents in the past few years. Do they know that in Los Angeles alone there are 9 murders per day? Or that Miami Dade County has 180 rape victims per day. Or that Johannesburg had 22,000 murders last year?
In several parts of Taiwan, incident of purse snatching… wow! I am truly scared. I better put bullet-proof windows on my property in Taipei City.

*sigh* Can’t wait to see the countersite. If it is good I’ll link to it.

UPDATE: then found this today

I think u are a good men, cause u don’t afrid people been racial to u specialiy in our country. and you find ur own way to live in Taiwan, Peace u.

The public just can’t seem to make up its mind…..