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Opposition pans U.S. scholar over arms purchase comments

Tawan News reports: Opposition pans U.S. scholar over arms purchase comments:
Opposition lawmakers yesterday dismissed criticism by a U.S. scholar who recently argued that the White House and the U.S. Congress should cut ties with what he called pro-China opposition parties if they persisted in blocking the arms package.
John Tkacik, a research fellow in Asian Studies [...]

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The mainlander parties are determined to prevent the island from functioning properly, and another excellent example of their anti-social attitude was reported in the Taipei Times today. Apparently petitions from the public are piling up in the Control Yuan:
More than 9,000 petitions are sitting in the offices of the Control Yuan, the nation’s highest watchdog [...]

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China and the US….flag amendment?

This essay at Common Dreams discussed the upcoming effort on the part of right-wingers in the US to implement a US flag-burning amendment, but there was an interesting little blurb at the beginning:

Long time readers of this column will recall that this subject was last visited in 1999. Ng Kung Siu and Lee Kin Yun [...]

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Taiwan’s Travel Restrictions on China to Ease

The International Herald Tribune was one of a number of sources reporting that Taiwan will open up to more Chinese visitors. The Paper notes:
The Taiwan government has cautiously welcomed Beijing’s offer, saying the island could accommodate 1,000 Chinese tourists a day and might allow the tourists to stay for up to 10 days.
Chinese tourists have [...]

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Gangsters and Onions Redux

Taiwan’s underworld, never one to miss an opportunity, attempted to turn the recent onion crisis to its own advantage as police arrest underworld leader for manipulating vegetable prices

Alleged underworld leader “Smart” Kuo and three of his accomplices were arrested, yesterday, in connection with a bid to push up the price of scallion in Yilan County.
According [...]

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Taiwan Security in the News

Yesterday Taiwan News announced that….
Active duty U.S. military personnel to work for AIT

Serving U.S. military officers will staff the American representative office in Taiwan for the first time since the United States switched its diplomatic recognition to rival China 26 years ago, an American official said yesterday.
Nadine Saik of the American Institute in Taiwan [...]

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10 Planet, bigger than Pluto

Look here!

The new world is about 97 astronomical units from the Sun. An astronomical unit is the distance between the Sun and Earth. It becomes the farthest-known object in the solar system, and the third brightest of the Kuiper belt objects.
It was found using the Samuel Oschin Telescope at Palomar Observatory.
Backyard astronomers with large telescopes [...]

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Get that checkup!

I went down to China Medical College Hospital in Taichung on Wednesday for a checkup. The government hands them out free every three years to people over 40. There’s no excuse for not going.
Related PostsTaking Pet Back to the USSomeone passed me this question:My wife and I are returning to America in December, and [...]

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Friday, July 29 Blog Roundup

It’s Friday again, and there’s nothing to be done about it.

Betelnutblogger kicked off the week with this post on Taiwan’s Jack Problem.
When I first arrived in Taiwan, I thought these ubiquitous concrete structures lining the coasts, shaped like jacks, were to deter the impending invasion of the island. H.L. Mencken’s account of a train ride [...]

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Juan Cole on Iran-Iraq on

Don’t miss Juan Cole’s article on
The Iraq war is over, and the winner is… Iran
Iraq’s new government has been trumpeted by the Bush administration as a close friend and a model for democracy in the region. In contrast, Bush calls Iran part of an axis of evil and dismisses its elections and government as [...]

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Skin Whiteners and Racism

Counterpunch offers a view of skin whitening agents…..
The ‘ethnic’ skin-whitening market around the world is decentralized as well being covert. This is because many of the skin-whitening products which target poor women, particularly black women, including women of colour living in North America and Europe, are relatively cheap but often contain highly toxic chemical agents [...]

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China retains lobbying firm to pep up image in US

China has retained the services of a lobbying firm:

Seeking to build political influence in Washington, the Chinese embassy has retained Patton Boggs to lobby on a wide range of issues before Congress, according to a lobbying registration statement filed last week with the US Department of Justice.
The enlistment of Patton Boggs which has also represented [...]

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Hiroshima time again….

We’re coming around to August again, and the yearly outpouring of Japanese rightist propaganda from the mouths of the American Left. Speaking as a bit of a lefty, there is no topic that has descredited the Left more than its essentially anti-American position on the atomic bombing.
Several years ago I wrote these up on the [...]

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Ma, Su face internal rivals in race to 2008

The Taipei Times reported last week on new KMT chairman Ma and his DPP counterpart Su:

In a bid to cement their role as leading contenders for the 2008 presidential elections, Taipei Mayor Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九), the Chinese Nationalist Party’s (KMT) chairman-elect, and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Chairman Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) will have to go all [...]

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Exhibition about Betel Nut girls

Taiwan’s gov’t will host an exhibition on betel nut babes.
The National Taiwan Arts Education Institute in Taipei will hold an art exhibition titled “Taiwan’s Betel Nut” at its premises in Taipei August 19-September 13, featuring dozens of installations created by artist Wu Chiung-hua over the past decade. All of the works in this retrospective show [...]

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