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July 16, 2005

Member in the news: Article in The Times/The Times Higher Education


From: “Tobias Hubinette”

The Times
Higher Education Supplement
15 July 2005

Pulled paper sparks row
Jon Buscall Stockholm
Published: 15 July 2005

A doctoral student at Stockholm University’s department of Oriental languages claims to have been barred from a conference because of his controversial research, although conference organisers said it was because his paper lacked academic merit.

Tobias Hubinette is being investigated because of his research on interracial marriages and adoption. If the investigation produces substantive evidence, he could face prosecution for reverse racism. Mr Hubinette said: “My department received so many letters of complaint about my research that the university’s legal people are examining my work.”

Mr Hubinette, Sweden’s only doctoral candidate in Korean studies, often criticises media depictions of Asians. His recent denunciation of inherent racism against East Asians in TV commercials led to a pet food advertisement being dropped.

The latest dispute centres on Mr Hubinette’s research, which he has published on his personal university web pages. He argues that “what drives (Western man’s) fetishism with Asian women is quite simply paedophile tendencies”. He also says that interracial marriage and the adoption of East Asian babies are part of a long tradition of colonial oppression.

Hans Aili, head of the department, told the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet: “I see these texts as personal musings rather than scholarly research.” After discussing the content with Professor Aili, Mr Hubinette removed the material and links to his own website from the university server.

The external examiner for Mr Hubinette’s doctoral thesis, Keun de Ceuster, is a member of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe. Mr Hubinette argues that the association excluded him from its
biennial conference held last week at Sheffield University.

Mr Hubinette said he had a paper accepted for the conference, was given funds to attend but later received a letter from the association’s board telling him that he was excluded from the conference on “scholarly grounds”. “They did not clarify what their reason was. I think they took this action because of the nature of my work,” Mr Hubinette said…


Discuss amongst yourselves…..but as a member of an interracial marriage, I have a hard time seeing it as an act of colonialist oppression.