Those of you looking for unusual conferences to present papers to might try this one just posted to H-Asia:

July 7, 2005

Panel proposal: SEASREP 10th Anniversary Conference, Chiang Mai,
December 8-9, 2005

From: Mika Toyota

Transnational Marriage and the State*

A panel proposal for SEASREP 10th Anniversary Conference (8-9 Dec.
Chiang Mai, Thailand). Deadline: Full papers by 30 October 2005

Brief description:

Growth in the number of transnational marriages along with the intensification of transnational family networks is becoming more and more visible in Asia. At the same time, we also observe the increasing restrictions imposed on this form of migration by states. This panel will examine the impact of structural factors — the politics of legal recognition, logistical barriers to rights, and the issues ofcitizenship — in the context of transnational marriages, i.e. marriages between individuals of different nationalities.

If you are interested in contributing a paper to the panel or forthcoming workshop in 2006, please contact the panel organizer, Dr. Mika Toyota, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore <>

Dr. Mika Toyota
Research Fellow, Asia Research Institute
The Shaw Foundation Building, Level 4
5 Arts link, Singapore 117570
TEL:+65-6874-1381 FAX:+65-6779-1428