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Katrina = Oil Disaster

Hat tip to a blogger on Daily Kos for the real story on Katrina. The US Coast Guard reports at least 20 rigs missing in the Gulf of Mexico.
According to the latest tally Wednesday from the federal Minerals Management Service, a total of 561 platforms and rigs have been evacuated in the Gulf of Mexico, [...]

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Talim Hits Our Town

Living in Taichung and protected from storms by the wall of 3,000m high mountains that forms the backbone of Taiwan’s central mountain range, we seldom see serious damage from typhoons, except for flooding. Fortunately for us, this seems to be the case with Talim as well. I went out for newspapers this morning in a [...]

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Talim is here and furious

!0:00 Aug 31. The dark howls. Typhoon Talim, a strong violent monster, has landed on Taiwan. The wind is screaming and throwing everything loose around — my neighbor’s house, deserted after their landlord sold out from under them, but full of stuff, is filled with the sound of crashing and broken glass. I can [...]

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Donating against Katrina

New Orleans inundated (from Washington Post)
I’ve haven’t blogged much today because, frankly, I have been sitting around depressed about hurricane Katrina. I just donated some $$ to the American Red Cross. I hope you will take time out of your busy day to make a small donation too.
Related PostsRummage Sale in Taipei for CharityToday’s email [...]

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Lee of Singapore comments on Taiwan Strait in Der Speigel

Letters from China excerpts Lee Kuan Yew’s comments on the Taiwan Strait situation in a recent interview.
* * *
Spiegel: How do you explain that China is spending billions on military modernisation right now?
Lee Kuan Yew: Their modernisation is just a drop in the ocean. Their objective is to raise the level of [...]

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A note to ESWN

ESWN left this on his blog a few days ago. There’s no link….
[Administrative Note] Someone out there does not like what I have to say about Taiwan. Well, much of what appears on ESWN about Taiwan is directly translated from publications such as Apple Daily and The Journalist. I don’t personally agree with what they [...]

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Dan-dan Goes to Fourth Grade

My daughter entered fourth grade [insert obligatory "It seems like only yesterday...." remark here]. The new class is in the same old school, but with a new teacher. “I wish I was a dog,” wailed my daughter. “They don’t have to go to school.” In fairness, I don’t blame her. There are tons of homework, [...]

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New Blog on the Block

I’d like to welcome The Other Side, a new blog that, among other things, is pro-KMT, a rarity among the English-accessible blogs. The Other Side writes:
This blog has been formed to counter a perceived bias in the English-speaking media and nascent blogsphere of Taiwan. Newspapers and media outlets in Taiwan must pick a side in [...]

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ACLU: Peace Groups labeled terrorist

The FBI has released documents that associate the terrorist label with peace groups, according to the ACLU.
The American Civil Liberties Union today released an FBI document that designates a Michigan-based peace group and an affirmative action advocacy group as potentially “involved in terrorist activities.” The file was obtained through an ongoing nationwide ACLU effort seeking [...]

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Gangsters and the KMT: From Whence Cometh the Link?

Budding Sinologist from the quality blog MeiZhongTai asks an interesting question in the comments of a previous post….
Can you recommend a good source–or maybe you know the answer–about the origin of the KMT-gangster relationship in Taiwan? Was it a leftover of the KMT’s alliance with Big-Eared Du (Du Yuesheng) on the Mainland or was [...]

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Father Bauer on Religion

Once a week I drop in at the China Post, the pro-KMT English newspaper, to see what Daniel Bauer has to say. Bauer is a priest and a prof at Fu Jen U, whose beautiful campus is just outside of Taipei. This week he is writing on religion:
Religion is all around us. Religion often [...]

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Mayor Ma’s Discourse: Taiwan News Editorial

Taiwan News wrote eloquently on the topic of history, Mayor Ma and the KMT yesterday:

Instead, Ma has refused to depart from the position of his predecessor, Lien Chan, that these assets were “legally” acquired, presumably just as agents or judges of the KMT authoritarian regime “legally” executed or jailed tens of thousands of Taiwanese.

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Political Analyses of Different Stripes…..

Recently the various papers have been kind enough to offer several different types of political analyses….
Apple Daily chimes in courtesy of ESWN with the first….
In a separate story, Apple Daily provided a re-iteration of the worst cases of “Black Gold” politics in Taiwan, showing that the local legislatures and governments are run just like [...]

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The Weekend in Taipei: Robin Gibb in Concert, and the Museum of World Religions

We were out of town again this weekend as we headed up to Taipei to see Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees doing a solo concert at the Taida Sports Arena. The kids had a blast….
Advertizing Robin…..
We hadn’t told the kids what we were coming up to Taipei for — it was just a surprise. [...]

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Still more from the hatemail stack

I got another bit of hatemail today……consisting of three lines:

This really is a warning sign for poisonous snakes and bees, not tapeworms.

Also, the “Purple” filling is blueberry. If you can’t tell taro by the appearance, read the sign.

If you don’t like Taiwan, get your butt out of my country!

Actually, the bit about [...]

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