My website just gets the weirdest stuff:

Dear sir micheal,

I am very happy to write this letter.

I am enquiring to know some information from your assistances.

I am a black african from Ghana the west of Africa.

I will like to teach english in Taiwan since I have the TEFL socre.

I will like you too support me.

Please advise me before I travel to Taiwan the next coming month september 2005.

Thanx and i will be wait for your reply.

Best regards,

[name deleted]


UPDATE: He writes again today, 21st:

I am online now,

I will very happy if u could spare me some of ur time to explain some little information about teaching in Taiwan to me.

and then I found a second letter:

Hello Mr Micheal,
I wanted to know if I could be recruited into any teaching vacancy position to teach English in Taiwan.
Since am from Africa and I have TEFL score.

So I wrote back to ask whether he had a BA. The drama continues……

UPDATE: 8/22 Yes, another letter has arrived…I have fallen off my “sir” pedestal and am now merely “mr”…….

hello mr micheal,
yes to the question requested.
i have a four year degree certificate and a TEFL cert.
I also have Diploma in Business studies DBS and a high school certificate too.
please kindly organise some school in taiwan for me so can come there and teach english language.
Thanx n wait for u.

I don’t find jobs — got investigated once already by the Bureau of Labor for that. I guess he’ll just have to be disappointed….