Taiwan News wrote eloquently on the topic of history, Mayor Ma and the KMT yesterday:

Instead, Ma has refused to depart from the position of his predecessor, Lien Chan, that these assets were “legally” acquired, presumably just as agents or judges of the KMT authoritarian regime “legally” executed or jailed tens of thousands of Taiwanese.

Ma evidently aims to end the controversy by selling off the rest of the KMT’s ill-gotten goods and keeping the proceeds. An example is the new pact to sell the party’s “National Development Academy” to a construction firm for NT$4.3 billion.


If Ma wants to display that the KMT puts “Taiwan first,” he can launch a motion to drop “China” from the party’s name.

If Ma wants to display the KMT’s “Taiwan identity,” the new chairman can dump the confusing notion of finding China through linking with Taiwan and put Taiwan at the center of a new discourse instead of treating it as a platform.

If Ma wants to display the KMT’s support of “Taiwan subjectivity,” he can repudiate the KMT’s tacit “united front” with the Chinese Communist Party and instead form a true “people’s front” with the 23 million people of Taiwan.