I’d like to welcome The Other Side, a new blog that, among other things, is pro-KMT, a rarity among the English-accessible blogs. The Other Side writes:

This blog has been formed to counter a perceived bias in the English-speaking media and nascent blogsphere of Taiwan. Newspapers and media outlets in Taiwan must pick a side in the polarized political environment of Taiwan, and at this time the majority of Western writers overwhelmingly support the ruling Democratic Progressive Party. Intelligent bloggers such as Jerome F. Keating, Michael Turton, and Wandering to Tamshui color otherwise excellent analysis with an unquestioning bias toward the DPP. The title of this blog comes from the perspective of the ‘other’ 50 percent of the country that is not represented in ‘pro-green’ English media, a generation whose ideals built this nation into what it is today. My personal political views are pro-KMT or ‘blue’.

This blog seeks to go beyond simplistic analysis such as KMT (blue) is bad because it is old and corrupt; DPP (green) is good because it is new and pure. Such an analysis dismisses the fine contributions of both parties while overlooking their modern incarnations and challenges.

I hope that we won’t see any further incarnations of strawmen like “unquestioning analysis” and “simplistic analysis such as (KMT) blue is bad because it is old and corrupt and DPP (green) is good because it is new and pure.” Most of us who support the DPP do so because of its long, strong support for a democratic and independent Taiwan. We oppose the KMT because historically the KMT has opposed those ideals.

Heh. A discussion question already! TOS defines his quest as asking: “Is this good for the people of a Chinese society, the R.O.C. / Taiwan?” Is Taiwan a “Chinese” society?