Most of you have been here long enough to remember when the plastic bag ban came down. Well, in India several states have done that as well. Mumbai has become the latest locality….

Mr Deshmukh said the ban had been prompted by the indiscriminate use of plastic bags, which blocked sewage and drainage systems during record monsoon rains. Flooding and landslides killed more than 1,000 people in the state.

The ban is to take effect on September 24. Until then, residents of the state could file objections and suggestions, he said.

Other Indian states have already banned use of thin plastic bags used by shoppers.

Last month some prominent Mumbai residents, including movie producers, sued the state government for responding slowly to the crisis created by floods that paralysed India’s financial and entertainment capital. Residents blame haphazard planning, bad drainage and poor roads for the flooding and landslides.

So it ain’t just us, folks….