I have long been an advocate of close ties between India, the natural counterweight to China, and Taiwan. The Times of India came out with an article the other day arguing that India can learn a lot from Taiwan:

“Apart from its manufacturing and hardware might, Taiwan is strategically important for India as it controls the Itu Aba otherwise called the Taiping Island. The island can have military installations and forward bases. The Indian Navy can only operate with the help of Taiwan to conduct exercises”, says Dr Kondapalli.

Indian strategic experts feel Taiwan has the best intelligence on China. “India doesn’t know anything about China. There may be a handful who know about China in India. And Taiwan is the only way through which we can know about China. This realization has dawned on the Indian establishment”, says a retired senior intelligence officer.

It is increasingly being seen that a strong relationship with Taiwan will be of immense help to India’s interests.

You bet. India is a democracy, inherently more stable, and besides, has some kickass food and some fabulous cultural relics. And more direct flights from here to there will make it easier for me to travel there!