One thing I’ve been tracking in this blog from time to time is the ongoing struggle between the US and China over their influence with other nations, a replay of the Cold War struggle between the US and the USSR. Space War brings us this analysis of the US-Pakistan-India-China missile and nuclear issues….

The South Asian nuclear arms race, one of the most potentially unstable and dangerous on the planet, has gone global.

Not only are Pakistan and India feverishly racing each other to develop more sophisticated and powerful nuclear delivery and missile defense systems, they are looking increasingly to China and the United States to help them.

Asiapundit has been collecting articles on the oil policies of China. Some bloggers have been pointing to recent articles that argue that China may well collapse. My attitude: it’s not going to happen. We’re going to be seeing this struggle for a long time to come, and we had better get used to it and plan for it.