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TT Commentary on US Attitude Toward Arms Purchase

Philip Yang, a poli sci prof, published a commentary on the Arms Purchase in the Taipei Times yesterday:
The threats now coming from the US regarding Taiwan’s inability to pass the arms procurement bill will not only not help reconcile the different perspectives of the two political camps, but will make future relations between Taiwan and [...]

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Insider Trading Suspect Banned from Leaving Country

The Taipei Times reports:

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Friday, September 30, Taiwan Blog Round Up

Another day, another dollop of wisdom from Taiwan’s many great bloggers. Much going on out there in the world, with the ongoing saga of the arms purchase, Li Ao in China…..Some new blogs appeared on my blogroll this week, including Cold Goat Eyes and the leaky pen.

Scott Sommers posts another entry in the [...]

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Japan, China, and Nukes

Establishment media organs and political parties in Japan now seem to argue that Japan must have nukes to counter a nuclear-armed China, as this commentary in the Japan Times argues.

A nuclear Japan that remained a U.S. ally would be vastly preferable to a nuclear Japan that was strategically independent. After all, Britain (after the [...]

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WARNING: Visa Scam

I meant to blog on this last week…
My son’s ARC came up for renewal, so we applied at the foreign police station in Fengyuan (pic above). The following day we got a phone call. I answered the phone. Immediately the man, who knew my son’s name and knew he was a foreigner, started firing off [...]

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Taiwan Ranks High in Competitiveness. In Other News: GIGO

The World Economic Forum survey comes out every year, showing that Taiwan’s economic places high in competitiveness. This year The Beautiful Isle rates fifth, behind Finland, USA, Denmark, and Sweden. I’m sure this will be ressuring to all the factory owners investing in China (#49, right behind Botswana) because Taiwan’s costs are too high, or [...]

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Confucius Out, China’s Military Build Up In

Teachers of Chinese took to the streets in Taiwan today to protest the decline of Confucian teachings in the curriculum.

Dozens of teachers of Chinese took to the streets in Taipei yesterday to protest against the neglect of Confucian teachings, while the nation paid tribute to the sage on the occasion of his 2,555th birthday.

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Axis Allies: Midweek Fest

Karl, my son, and Malv study the Big Board
Two rounds of A & A last night as good friends came over for some awesome A & A. In the first game Karl rolled over Russia and I conceded on the second turn. We started another one about 8, with my son playing the UK, me [...]

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Foreign Affairs publishes senior Asian expert Lucian Pye’s capsule review of
Dangerous Strait: The U.S.-Taiwan-China Crisis. Edited by Nancy Bernkopf Tucker. : Columbia University Press, 2005, 288 pp. $39.50
This collection takes seriously the notion that for the United States, the Taiwan Strait is one of the world’s most dangerous spots, because policy misjudgments or a mere [...]

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Yingge Ceramics Festival

Those of you in Taipei might want to visit the Yingge Ceramics Festival….
The Tourism Bureau announced the upcoming 2005 Yingge International Ceramics Festival at a press conference at its Taipei visitor center on Monday. This has been designated as one of Taiwan’s large-scale tourism festivals to take place over 17 days from October 7 to [...]

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Interview on Taiwan Cinema

Those of you interested in the local cinema may enjoy this interview with a local documentary director on her new film and on Taiwan history: The new new Taiwan cinema: An Interview with Chien Wei-Ssu
Along with Kuo Chen-ti, director Chien Wei-ssu made Viva Tonal – the Dance Age in 2003, a two-part TV movie airing [...]

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Washington Times: Taiwan Must Defend Itself

The Washington Times published a Commentary by Justin Logan today on Taiwan’s need to defend itself:
The reason it has the luxury to do so, according to Taiwan expert James Mulvenon, is Taiwan’s belief in a “blank check of military support from the United States.”
Unfortunately, the Bush administration has not convinced Taiwan it does not have [...]

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Fukuyama and the Neocons

Forgive the intrusion of American politics, but the American Prospect has published an interesting article on former neo-con and social scientist and public intellectual Francis Fukuyama on the failure of the Iraq war. Fukuyama is just three years behind the rest of the world in recognizing stupidity, defeat and failure.
Related PostsMore Fruitcake Necon Policy?Congressional Quarterly [...]

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Protests, Weapons, Armaments, Lies…

Incredible weekend! Big protest for the arms purchases in Taipei. (Taipei Times, Taiwan News). Decent turnout, too. Sadly I was too busy to go. I hope some of you Taiwan bloggers out there captured the event. The Taipei Times said:
A 53-year-old clothing factory owner, who only gave his family name, Lin (林), attended the [...]

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More on those giant spiders….

Pagebao, an Italian blog that blogs on Taiwan, also shares an interest in the local spiders. In Ragni di Taiwan, which I assume is Italian for “Badass Critters that are likely to scare the shit out of you in Taiwan” amongst the Italian descriptions of these awesome arachnids I found this gem in English:
“Mostly harmless, [...]

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