A commentary on China’s rise appeared today in the International Herald Tribune:

China’s real issue with Japan, disguised by historical complaints, lies in the
fact that Japan under Koizumi has become a stauncher ally of the United States.
Most notably, the U.S.-Japanese joint statement on common goals in the Taiwan
dispute, implying that Japan might not simply stand by in case of a Chinese
invasion of Taiwan, angered China last February.

And from the correspondent of the Apple Daily in Washington, too….

Japan’s shift toward more active support of Taiwan is a move of seismic proportion whose effects are going to ripple across Asia for years to come. A decade from now, when a militarily resurgent Japan, an increasingly irrelevant and weakening, but still hugely nationalistic US, and a rising China confront each other over Taiwan, oil shipments, and regional hegemony….that is not a mix for peace. That is recipe for a nasty cold war that may blow hot at any moment.

Perhaps what East and South Asia needs is a new regional body or regional framework where the major powers sit as equals to solve any of the numerous problems that confront the region — claims over Taiwan, the Senkakus, the Spratlys, the Himalayan border regions (a flashpoint not well understood or publicized in the West), divided Korea, fishing and mineral rights…. There are too many nations from Indonesia to Japan whose economies are growing and whose demand for finite resources will only increase. Just today the Indonesian navy fired on Chinese fishing boats…(CNN, BBC)