The Taipei Times reported today that the EU is determined to overturn the ban on weapons sales to China.

Solana’s comments follow a China-EU summit in Beijing on Monday. A joint statement issued afterward said the EU “reaffirmed its willingness to continue to work toward lifting the embargo.”

Solana didn’t say if Beijing was asked to meet any conditions in return, although in the past he has said China would have to live up to human-rights standards.

However, he reiterated that the embargo, when lifted, would be replaced with a “code of conduct” governing what weapons and technologies could be sold to China and for what purposes.

A “Code of Conduct.” That will be about as effective as Munich in ‘39. Yes, I know Solana, Taiwan is a little country, far away, about which you know nothing.

Hey, Solana! Just a friendly question: if an EU-enhanced Chinese missile lands on my house and kills my wife and family, do you think I would have every right to do a Lee Harvey Oswald on you and all the other EU ‘crats who have spent their careers on their knees in front of Chinese leaders?