ere’s a letter I got today. I’ve deleted some criticisms that relate to me personally.


I undertook a preliminary recce of Taiwan last week
for five days. After a few years in Japan, two in
Korea and three in the fairly prosperous Canton
region of China, I must say that I wasn’t at all
impressed. Beyond the dubious charms of Taipei, I
found it almost as unsanitary and generally grubby
as the worst parts of the mainland. I would go as
far as to say that the Guangdong and Fujian
provinces here are logistically better equipped and
more socially ordered than most of what I saw in
Taiwan - and that surprised me.

You are right about the work. I took a bus (two,
actually) from Taipei to Taichung and did the
rounds. I was offered two jobs in one day. I’m not
sure how sincere these offers were and I got the
distinct impression that at least one of these
entrepreneurs was lying through his teeth: - “You
will have many hours. You will be very busy” - and
this in a near-empty buxiban at 8pm on a Friday
evening. Mmmmmm.

Taiwan was interesting, but face it - it’s the
third-world in a tuxedo.

Good luck with everything.