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MY FAIR LADDY is about a Taiwanese college boy and two Taiwan college girls. They are all students at Chung Cheng University (CCU) in Chiayi, Taiwan.

The boy, named Tong-tong, is not famous until he writes a drama that makes a big hit on campus and even nationwide. Sophia, the most beautiful girl at CCU, promises to perform this drama. During the rehearsal, they start to fall in love with each other…

On the other hand, Tong-tong’s girlfriend, Ann, worries about her boyfriend since he begins to be famous. She is afraid of losing him. But she is a thoughful girl, and everytime Tong-tong is without any inspiration, she will pretend to be an anonymous character on the Internet and give him some suggestions.

Finally, Tong-tong is gradually confused with love, fame and being himself…

The movie has a little comedy, a little romance, and a lot of meaningful ideas about modern life and romance in today’s Taiwan. It is sure to be a hit nationwide and overseas, too, in Japan and elsewhere.

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