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TVBS Controversy

The TVBS controversy continues. ESWN had a great post on it the other day with a nice little chronology, and has added short blurb on Norman Leung, who was chairman of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority (go here). Consistent with his usual anti-Taiwan slant, ESWN omitted this and other information in his previous post on [...]

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Taichung Science Park

Some of you have probably noticed all the construction at the foot of Dadu Mountain outside Taichung, near Shalu. That’s the new Taichung Science Park:
Since the study, 72 companies ready to invest NT$1.04 trillion (US$31.04 billion) have won approvals, among them industry leaders including AU Optronics Corp (友達光電), ProMOS Technologies Inc (茂德科技) and US-based Corning [...]

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Update to Election Adverts Site

I’ve updated my election site. New pics have been added at the beginning….enjoy!
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The Vatican and Taiwan

How many divisions has the Pope? Enough to be a major propaganda coup for China if the Vatican switches to the authoritarians in Beijing. The National Catholic Reporter reports on the new US Ambassador and the old struggle between Taipei and Beijing:
After a wait of nearly nine months, the new American Ambassador to the Holy [...]

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TVBS is Chinese Fifth Column

Maddog (GREAT to have you back, man) blogs on how TVBS is the Black Hand of Beijing in Taiwan.
Duh! How could anyone not know this about TVBS? If it looks like a Beijing duck, walks like a Beijing duck, and quacks like a Beijing duck…, you might just ask yourself “WTF?!”
My wife asked me Thursday [...]

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Taiwan’s New Business Jet is World’s Fastest

Taiwan has developed the world’s fastest business jet:
Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation (SSAC) has received orders for 280 SJ30-2 from the US, Canada, Britain, Germany and Switzerland, with the first aircraft to be delivered in spring next year, according to CNA.
Taiwan built the IDF warplane for its air force and makes components for passenger jets manufactured [...]

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Taiwanese oppose annexation to China

The Bangkok Post reports that Taiwanese in China generally favor the status quo.
But interviews with Mr Chang and others among the 300,000 Taiwanese professionals who have come to live in China as a result of thawing relations, suggest the gap between the two sides is substantial, going beyond China’s one-party rule and Taiwan’s democracy.
“Taiwanese people [...]

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Exhibition on Taiwanese Resistance to Japan Opens in China

People’s Daily Online edition reports on more propaganda from Beijing:
An exhibition on Taiwanese resistance against Japanese aggression six decades ago opened in Beijing Monday.
More than 400 people from China and abroad including Yu Mu-ming, chairman of the Taiwan-based New Party, and Zhang Meiying, vice chairwoman of the Central Committee of [...]

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F-16s Fail to Sink Ship? Is anything indicated by this?

Sun Bin remarked on another post:
failed F-16 missions over a defenseless cargo ship.
Your fiction/fantasy’s ending is probably more likely than MZT’s.
This refers to this event here:
Three weeks after a South Korean freighter carrying more than 2,000 tonnes of benzene capsized off Taoyuan County, the government on Thursday tried to demolish the ship with [...]

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The Family Visit

At Wenwu Temple by Sun Moon Lake
Three days of heaven with Nick and Barb from Cleveland. We visited many places in central Taiwan, including Sanyi and Sun Moon Lake. Ate like pigs — plenty of cake and chocolate. Drove like crazy. Too millions of photos. The site above is probably temporary, so enjoy!
[Taiwan] [Taichung]
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Friday , Oct 28, Taiwan Blog Round-up

She’s really here! This is NOT a Photoshopped picture!
This week my Auntie Barb and Uncle Nick arrived from Cleveland to visit us for three days after vacationing in the Middle Kingdom. We did a “Greatest Hits of Central Taiwan” vacation that saw us up to Sun Moon Lake and Flying Cow Farm. More on that [...]

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US Military Aid to Taiwan!

The US approved air-to-air missile sales to Taiwan:
The U.S. Defense Department on Wednesday notified Congress that it had approved the sale to Taiwan of 10 AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles and 5 AIM-7M Sparrow missiles — both built by Raytheon Co.
The proposed sale, valued at $280 million if all options are exercised, also included continuation of a [...]

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They’re here!

My aunt and uncle, the first family to visit me in all my years here, have stopped in for the next few days. So it will be light blogging until the weekend…..
….except for the roundup, of course!
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New Wall of Photos

My aunt and uncle from Cleveland are visiting this week for a few days on their way home from vacationing in China, so my wife has been furiously cleaning and decorating. On Monday my wife scrubbed the downstairs spotless, clean enough for open heart surgery. We brought our Golden Retriever in for the night, and [...]

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New Page on the Teaching English in Taiwan Site!

I’m working on a couple of new pages for the website. This new one, which I finally got up today, is related to the upcoming county and local elections. I’ve collected pictures of political ads from around the area, and posted them with my usual trenchant commentary and elegant wit. I’ll be updating this baby [...]

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