Maddog (GREAT to have you back, man) blogs on how TVBS is the Black Hand of Beijing in Taiwan.

Duh! How could anyone not know this about TVBS? If it looks like a Beijing duck, walks like a Beijing duck, and quacks like a Beijing duck…, you might just ask yourself “WTF?!”

My wife asked me Thursday night if I knew who the chairman of TVBS was. “Uhhhh, a Chinese official?,” I guessed — off the top of my head. The answer, she told me, was Liang Naipeng, the former chairman of the Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority. Hong Kong, you must surely remember, reverted to Chinese rule back in 1997; therefore, making a distinction between Hong Kong and China in this matter is absolute nonsense.

I’ve blogged on this problem before. And look who the KMT supports…’s pretty obvious where they are getting their marching orders from.

UPDATE: Don’t miss the comments below! Lots of perspectives.