The US approved air-to-air missile sales to Taiwan:

The U.S. Defense Department on Wednesday notified Congress that it had approved the sale to Taiwan of 10 AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles and 5 AIM-7M Sparrow missiles — both built by Raytheon Co.

The proposed sale, valued at $280 million if all options are exercised, also included continuation of a pilot training program and logistics support for F-16 aircraft, as well as associated equipment and services.

Hooboy! 15 missiles!


In a second item, part of the same deal, we’re going to train Taiwanese pilots:

THE Pentagon has announced a possible contract with Taiwan to continue training F-16 fighter pilots in Arizona and provide air-to-air missiles for live fire drills.

The contract, which was notified to the US Congress, was valued at as high as $US280 million ($367.89 million).

It includes 10 AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles and five AIM-7M Sparrow missiles for live fire exercises at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, the Pentagon said.

The contract also provides for the continuation of a program to train Taiwanese pilots at Luke Air Force Base and logistics support for F-16 fighter aircraft, it said.

This is far more important than missiles and something I have long called for. I’m curious to see what kind of stuff leaks about the quality of local fighter pilots.