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Taiwan Caucus, Sherrod Brown and Taiwan

The US Congressional Taiwan Caucus regularly gets trips to Taiwan courtesy of local organizations. This blog reports on Ohio Congressman and Senate candidate Sherrod Brown and Taiwan:

We raised Sherrod Browns connections to Taiwan about a week ago, and in our investigations we discovered this story, from the Hill.
“Two business groups with close ties to the [...]

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Chi Mei Museum

The Chi Mei Museum is on display all over the island:
Two public museums in Taichung City and one in Kaohsiung City are concurrently holding exhibitions of items on loan from the collection of the private Chi Mei Museum, located in Tainan County’s Rende Township. Described by Forbes magazine in a February 1996 article about private [...]

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It’s a Good Thing Taiwanese Aren’t Racist

If you are in Taiwan long enough, you are certain to hear some local explain to you that Taiwanese aren’t racist.
Here’s a sign that warns on avian flu, distributed by our university and placed all over campus. Note how the bottom right-hand warning, against eating uncooked bird meat, is depicted. A pair of hands, three [...]

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Students: take this and present this information in a table
Motech85 MW (Projected capacity for 2005 before its production lines were damaged by a fire)The company’s first solar cell plant will have a capacity of 120 MW after being revamped, while its second plant will have a capacity of 200 MW.
E-Ton20 MWTo ramp up capacity to [...]

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Taichung Bloggers: Going Blogger Meet Up on Dec 3??

I’m probably heading up sometime on Friday, and if someone wants a ride let me know in the comments….
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Asia Times on an East Asian Superstate

Asia Times had a thought provoking commentary on the possibilities of political union in Asia.
And the continuing polycentricism of Europe helps to make a continent-wide bloc possible. Four or five major European countries are more or less equal in size and economic potential: for example, there are 60 million French, 82 million Germans, 58 million [...]

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China Company to Distribute TIVO in Taiwan

Thanks to a reader for passing this along…Tom Hawk reports that TIVO is coming to The Beautiful Isle:
Reuters is out with an article on TiVo expanding into Taiwan with TGC Inc. Also known as TGC (TiVo Greater China).
“TGC Inc., a closely held Chinese company, will sell TiVo boxes and distribute the electronic guide and [...]

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….get back to all the comments on the morrow. Swamped today.
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Taiwan to Become Like Vegas

Well, we have the high divorce rates, the gangsters, and the prostitution, so with the ground well-laid (so to speak), we may be seeing the gambling at last:
THREE Scots businessmen and a Las Vegas gambling guru have revealed plans to build a ?350m casino resort in a tropical paradise off the Taiwanese coast.

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Blogger Meet Up in Taipei Dec 3

Jerome Keating passed this to me:

Just a reminder that the Breakfast Club will be having its monthly meeting to share fellowship and discussion on topics that interest us all. (Side note, everyone pays for their own breakfast–there is no free lunch, nor is there a free breakfast!))
The Place is at Jukes (the name may [...]

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Simon World’s Forum

I just noticed that the well-known Asian blogger Simon World has opened a forum for discussion of Hong Kong and China affairs.
Good luck with the new forum!
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What’s Up In Taiwan

This new blog, What’s Up in Taiwan, podcasts on travel in Taiwan. They write:
Until a trip to Peking last month, I came home more motivated. Due to the growing popularity of China, people have the drive to visit the country, learn Chinese, or even make a little cash there; Taiwan became the second choice in [...]

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Rallying With Chiu Tai-san

Today we took the family over to Fengyuan for a rally for Chiu Tai-san, the DPP candidate for Taichung County Commissioner. The rally commenced in the south-central part of the city and then walked down Chungshan Rd, the main drag, a few kilometers to Tanzi, where a stage had been prepared at a local school. [...]

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My Daughter turns 10

My lovely daughter turned 10 on Saturday. Happy Birthday!

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Taiwan Catholic Church has New Credit Card

Bishops in Taiwan promote credit card to fund Catholic Church:
According to Christian Life Weekly, the diocesan bulletin of Taipei, Taiwan, a new “Beatitudes Credit Card” is being issued through the Taiwan’s bishops. It works as a normal credit card, except 0.25% of payments will go towards the charitable works of the Catholic Church.
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