We drove over to Fengyuan today to see the most recent Harry Potter. I have never liked any of the movies, because it is the CW in Hollywood that audiences don’t like character exposition, so it goes out the window. So it was basically a “greatest hits of the fourth book” movie, with lots of special effects, and most of the stuff I enjoy in the books gapped out. I gave it 3 stars out of 5.

Before the movie we went shopping and noticed this funky error in the signs that advertize for the latest Willy Wonka movie:

Charlie and Mike are different in English and Chinese. Oops.

After the movie we dropped by the election headquarters of Chiu Tai-san, the DPP candidate for Taichung County Commissioner, to pick up some election stuff to decorate our house.

Election Headquarters

Inside the smoke-filled room

Election paraphenalia. If you vist they will shower you with stuff. We scored mouse pads, banners, flags, notebooks, and a bunch of other stuff.

Zeb strikes a pose.

We picked up this large banner for our house.

Dan-dan gets scores some election stuff.

My wife and I found it a pain to locate the HQ, and we ask why none of the signs had contact information. The volunteer there explained that if there is no contact information on the sign, the sign falls under the jurisdiction of the laws governing election paraphenalia. But if you put contact information there, it is legally an advertizement and is thus governed under different laws. That’s why all those millions of signs fail to give useful information to voters.

If you want stuff as a souvenir or to spread the good word, by all means visit the local election HQ of your candidate.