Stuff that for one reason or another I am especially proud of

Water Policy in Taiwan: A Primer
A fact-packed discussion of Taiwan’s water crisis

Gravel and the Beautiful Island
The foundering foundation of Taiwan’s economy

Farmers Associations and Rural Politics
How the KMT keeps its grip on the rural areas and scams huge wads of cash

Why Driving is So Dangerous
How land use laws control everything

Risks on the Road
Stills from a 45 minute video of the drive to work

Does Chen Ratchet Up Tensions when in Domestic trouble?
An empirically testable canard, shown to be false

China Takes Taiwan: A Speculative Scenario
Lots of fun writing, and lots of comments

Mirror, Mirror
From an alternate universe where the media are horribly biased.

Bullets and Elections in Taiwan
Polls show that the assassination attempt had no effect

Stagnant English Teacher Pay in Taiwan
Economic changes at the structural level are the main factor

Taiwan’s Competitiveness: GIGO
Why the World Economic Forum ratings are so bad

BBC’s pro-China Biased Timeline
BBC’s biases are on clear display

Linda Arrigo’s Presentation on the Kaohsiung Incident of 1979
A fact-filled review from Arrigo, a scholar who was married to one of the leaders of the independence movement

Ted Galen Carpenter Wrong on the Weapons Purchase Issue
Carpenter leaves out critical stuff, misunderstands

Should Chen Step Down: Issues
The indictment and the case against Chen

Confluence of Interest
Conflict of interest doesn’t exist in local culture.

KMT Cult: Theology, Charisma, Discipleship
The KMT is in crisis too.

KMT: Theology, Identity, Crisis
More on the KMT identity crisis

KMT: the Great Rift Folly
What are the splits in the KMT?

Helmeted Adults, Helmetless Children
Documenting a social problem

Heritage Foundation: Taiwan’s Economic Freedom Declines
Another round of nonsense from a rating body

Vote Buying
How it works in Taiwan

Backgrounder to the Shih Ming-teh anti-Chen protests (Dailykos)
A thorough review of the issues in the opening phases of the protests