Here’s some food for thought on a potential China-Taiwan clash, collected on another blog. If Taiwan F-16s face Chinese Su-30s…

Here’s a quick bit of defense-wonkishness, which I simply couldn’t resist. No-one’s saying so officially, but after the shock of having their F-15s kicked around the sky last year by the Indian Air Force in Russian jets, the USAF must have been hoping to even the score in this year’s US/India air exercises.

The thing is, the only reports so far (and admittedly they are Indian reports) suggest they got another shock.

This year the USAF took F-16s - the very jet the US is hoping to sell to both Pakistan and India- while yet again they were flying with and against Indian Air Force Migs and Mirages.

UPDATE: CNN said a few days ago that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela had threatened to send some of his nation’s F-16s to China.