DailyKos, probably the leading progressive/liberal blog, and perhaps the single most widely read blog on the net, had a post from kos himself on Open Source Media, a new conservative media venture that is going to blow away the New York Times and the Washington Post (What for? They have faithfully served our Dear Leader).

It turns out that OSM is channeling Xinhua, the Chinese propaganda organ. At the moment current headlines are:

XIN: Southern autonomous region to become largest silkworm cocoon producer in China

AP: Vietnam Detains Former U.K. Rocker Glitter


XIN: World Cup short track results

XIN: URGENT: China’s peaceful development inevitable, Hu says

XIN: URGENT: China, US vow to work jointly against bird flu

XIN: URGENT: Opposing “Taiwan Independence” in interest of China, US: Hu

XIN: URGENT: China, US to promote six-party talks process

XIN: URGENT: Chinese president pledges further exchange rate reform

Of the nine on the list, 7 are straight from Beijing. I guess only Nixon can go to China…..can anyone tell me why this conservative propaganda organ is getting headlines from Xinhua? They must be getting a cheap feed subsidized by Beijing or something. BTW Glenn Reynolds, who runs the well-known right-wing blog Instapundit, is the Chair of the advisory board. The Founders’ letter is here. Kos has more info here, including the wonderful irony that everything at OSM is copyright. Ignorance is strength, eh?