The government is continuing its investigation in TVBS.

“The Government Information Office [GIO] sent us a document requesting further information about Leung on Tuesday, and the office in Hong Kong is trying to investigate Leung’s experience, such as whether he has ever served as a Chinese [government] official,” said council Vice Chairman David Huang (黃偉峰).

Leung has reportedly said that he was the former chairman of the Hong Kong government’s Broadcasting Authority, which has raised questions about his eligibility to run a media enterprise in Taiwan.

Huang declined to provide more details, except to say that Leung should be regarded as a foreigner rather than a Hong Kong resident because he is also entitled to Irish nationality.

He should be regarded as a foreigner because he is entitled to Irish nationality? He’s a foreigner because he is a citizen of a foreign country, China! The DPP is making the wrong kind of statement here. This investigation needs to stop, now.