, a great news site for Africa, has a story on a possible Taiwanese industrial zone in Malawi:

An eight-man delegation of Taiwanese investors has told the Malawi Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA) that they would like to establish the Taiwan Industrial Manufacturing Zone that will encompass the various manufacturing activities including motor cycle assembly.

Inside the zone, there will be some other activities like fertilizer manufacturing, plastic furniture, agro-processing, rice milling and making of animal feeds, among others.

The delegation led by Chang Rong Investment Group, Group Chairman Alan Shih said the motorcycle assembly requires investment capital of US$50 million (about K6.2 billion).

He said what they will be manufacturing will be good products, the same as they export to the European Union (EU) market. Shih dispelled fears that the equipment to be used in the manufacturing will be second hand.

Taiwan is also in the news with India again:

Taiwanese companies were looking at eastern India.

One mining company was looking at making Kolkata a sourcing base while one of the largest Taiwan-based motorcycle manufacturers was evaluating the prospects of setting up a manufacturing unit.

Speaking on Indo-Taiwanese trade, Thomas Chang, director of the Taipei World Trade Center Liaison Office in India, said that a Taiwanese company would shortly be setting up a sourcing base in the city for procuring iron ore from the eastern region.

The motorcycle giant Kwang Yang Motor Co had shortlisted Kolkata along with like Pune, Chennai and a location in Orissa for a project worth $20 million in the first phase.

Between August 2004 to July 2005, bilateral trade between India and Taiwan was more than $2.2 billion.In calendar year 2005, it was expected to increase to $2.5 billion with Taiwan’s share at $1.4 billion, predicted Chang.