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Japan, the US, practice defending the Senkakus

The Taipei Times notes that Japan is send a small force of its own troops to practice with US marines. The two countries will simulate an invasion of the Diaoyutai (Senkaku) Islands:

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Lin Cho-shui in the Taipei Times

The Taipei Times hosted a commentary by DPP insider Lin Cho-shui. The article is uneven but offers a glimpse of the thinking on the DPP and Chen that DPP insiders are going through.
For the past six years, Chen has favored a leadership style that emphasized closed-door decision-making and repeated policy changes. He has been [...]

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The Submarines for Taiwan: Brian Dunn

Intrepid blogger MeiZhongTei, who has recently withdrawn his support from the purchase of submarines for Taiwan, points out that Brian Dunn, who blogs on Taiwan-China-US defense affairs, still imagines that the subs are a useful purchase. Dunn, responding to MZT, writes:
This analysis ignores the fact that China’s subs are on average, quite poor and poorly [...]

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Fruit Exports: the Pro-China parties foul up again

The Taipei Times hosted a commentary by a Tainan city councillor on the chimera of fruit exports to China.
Many readers will recall the sensation caused by fruit exports to China. In July, Beijing invited both the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Farmers’ Association of Taiwan Province (台灣省農會) to discuss this. Anyone of good [...]

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Why My Students Can’t Write

The China Post provided yet more evidence of why my students can’t write. This article on Taiwan’s university system is a perfect example of bad writing at its worst:
This and other negative reports about university teachers have borne witness to the fact that our universities are losing their reputation as places for development [...]

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Man-Made Values and the Taiwan-China Confrontation

The China Post blames the DPP for everything with this one:
Over the past ten years or so the government has been making efforts to indigenize (bentuhua) the island. The tendency to do so has been strong particularly since the independence-minded Democratic Progressive Party took power in 2000. The drive has created many side effects, [...]

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More Great Letters

Got another wonderful letter about the Taiwan website today.
Hello there!
Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed your site so much these past few years..yes, I have bookmarked this page and visit it around this time of the year when nobody is doing work and I have free time.
I have been back to [...]

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Water and Water Policy in Taiwan

Water and Taiwan
“If free-market mechanisms - which much of western agriculture publicly applauds and privately abhors - were actually allowed to work, the West’s water “shortage” would be exposed for what it is: the sort of shortage you expect when inexhaustible demand chases an almost free good. (If someone were selling Porsches for three thousand [...]

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New Blogs on the Roll

After several days of doing editing and enjoying Christmas, I’ve added some new blogs to the roll.
Project H2O
[Taiwan] [Taiwan Blogs]
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Financial Times on Chen — *sigh*

The by-line reads Kathrin Hille again, so we know that FT is about to publish another piece slanted pro-KMT, one of a series of anti-Chen articles that they have been publishing in recent months. Reading articles like this, I always wonder: is the writer too lazy to dig, too stupid to know, or simply malicious? [...]

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Hong Kong = Taiwan’s Future???

China’s foot-dragging on giving Hong Kong democracy provides a good indication of what Taiwan can expect if it is annexed by China.
“But just as in any country and any region democratic development is a gradual historical process, Hong Kong’s democratic development must also be pushed forward in a stable, sure-handed and systematic way,” state media [...]

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Hitchens on Christmas

Hysterical. Don’t miss it.
I used to harbor the quiet but fierce ambition to write just one definitive, annihilating anti-Christmas column and then find an editor sufficiently indulgent to run it every December. My model was the Thanksgiving pastiche knocked off by Art Buchwald several decades ago and recycled annually in a serious ongoing test of [...]

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My Students Put on A Show!

My graduating seniors, whose advisor I have been these four years past, put on The Foreigner yesterday to a packed house. I have constructed a temporary website with 160 pics of the best show Chaoyang has ever put on!
Related PostsMy daughter Back to SchoolMy daughter started school again today. We send her to a very [...]

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China’s One-Child Policy and Economic Consequences

Vince Pollard posted a introduction to this new report on the threat of aging population to China’s continued economic growth. China watchers may be interested….
Wang acknowledges the government’s retreat from coercive policies. But from the author’s perspective, China has just five years to initiate policies ameliorating the increasingly negative effects of the “one-child policy.” Further [...]

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Soft Coup Judgment Against Chen Misguided

Taiwan News has an excellent analysis of the recent court decision against President Chen Shui-bian’s remark that the Blues planned a “soft coup” during the staged demonstrations against the elections in 2004:
But the excessive focus on whether Lien and Soong were behind this initiative rips the military component of the post-election campaign by the pan-blue [...]

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