Sorry, but my hand was shaking with hunger.

We capped a great day hanging out with friends with a meal at Andrew Indian Restaurant, Taichung’s newest Indian food place. This eatery is definitely two thumbs up. The food was better than the Spice Shop I and the menu features many more dishes. The service was excellent, but I can’t be the judge, since both the waiters are students of mine. However, the quality comes at a price, which is roughly $100 a main dish higher than the Spice Shop I (side dishes and naan are the same $ but the naans are bigger and better). We dropped $1700 for the four of us — a similar outing to SS-I usually costs us $1200. All in all, I highly recommend the place. Your kids are sure to be mesmerized by the Indian movie music videos playing on the big LCD screen in the back.

My students: the food was good, so I’ve decided to let them pass this year.

Andrew Indian is located at 56 Chang Chun St., two blocks south of Sogo. Frog Mexican and Salsa Cubana are both nearby. For reservations: 2326-5391/2326-5411.