Congrats to three of my favorite blogs, asiapundit, EastSouthWestNorth, and Simon World, for, as asiapundit announces:

Every year at this time, a selection of 14 of Asia’s most intellectual and erudite bloggers are selected to as nominees in WizBang’s Weblog Awards. This year, AsiaPundit is proud to stand alongside the Sassy Lawyer, Marmot’s Hole, Hemlock’s Diary, Sinosplice, ESWN, the shaky kaiser, mrbrown, Hongkie Town, Shanghai Diaries, Our Man In Hanoi, Frog in a Well, Simon World and Mr. Miyagi as a nominee for Best Asian Blog.

Sorry, asiapundit, but I am definitely leaning ESWN at this time! But if you ship me some dark chocolate, I might reconsider…..