ESWN has a short translation of a piece comparing Hong Kongers and Taiwanese in their political behavior.

The people of Hong Kong habitually respond to events in rational and moderate ways. They are proud of their rationality and moderation — and they deride the people of Taiwan for being emotional and aroused so easily. I have always thought that the people of Hong Kong who have good citizen qualities and a belief in the rule of the law can definitely create a better quality democracy than Taiwan, once democracy is in place (there is no ‘quality’ to speak off in Taiwan democracy). This is because citizen quality and belief in the rule of the law are the two cornerstones of democracy. But after the 12/4 demonstration, I have new doubts:

“(there is no ‘quality’ to speak off in Taiwan democracy).” There is entirely too much jealous contempt in Hong Kong reactions to Taiwan, and not enough thoughtful contemplation. Kudos to this author for at least attempting to work through his visceral contempt. Although I have to say that Hong Kong’s restraint has served it well, and that he should not give up his belief in it merely because of a single demonstration. If the Taiwanese have violently resisted the domination of the Ching, the Japanese, and the KMT, it is because Taiwan has always been far away from the oppressor but close to his agents, and the island is a pioneer society that has its own resources and its own tradition of violence and anarchy. Two completely different histories, and two completely different peoples and resource bases….