I am spending today marking papers, and ran across this entry. The assignment was to produce the first paragraph of a five-paragraph essay explaining why the movie Titanic was so popular. It may well be the single worst document I have ever received from a student; its randomized badness has attained a kind of power akin to poetry….

The penetration movie Titanic great writer’s manufacture, the world all infected this unpopularity for a while. Movie itself may do is a pure art, also may do is a time will of the people reflection. However, appreciation “Titanic” this kind of Hollywood movie, why can be popular? Why can receive are moved? This kind of situation had reflected how time mind does earnestly seek?

I think this line: Why can receive are moved? is a translation of something like Ru2 he2 zhen3 nung2 gan3 shou1 dao4 ne fen4 gan3 dong4? My reading is that she wrote it in Chinese, and then spun it through Babelfish. The student in question makes a living teaching Children’s English. Aargh!