The Beeb reports on the resumption of cross-strait flights for the third year

This is the third year that flights have been allowed over the New Year.

It is not for long, though. In all, there will be just 72 round trips between now and the middle of February.

Taiwan says it is reluctant to allow regular direct flights because of security, but BBC Taiwan correspondent Chris Hogg says the easing of restrictions will please Taiwanese businessmen working on the mainland.

What’s cool is this bit below:

Frustrated by China’s refusal to deal with his government, Taiwan’s President Chen Shui-bian has shown a tough stance against the mainland this year.

The Taiwanese government is currently threatening to exert tighter control over the flow of investment into China, our correspondent says.

It is good, I think, when the international media takes a break from portraying Chen Shui-bian as “provocative” and a madman, and attempts to describe — even in a pithy one-sentence format — the complexities of cross-strait policy and the rigid attitude of China.