Taipei Nights reports on this illuminating phenomenon of a genetic researcher with too much time on his hands:

If you’re at all like me then you’re sick and tired of losing your pig in the dark. Well, enterprising National Taiwan University scientists have solved our pig-losing problems by combining fluorescent jellyfish DNA with average farm pigs. The result? Glow in the dark pigs ( Not your run of the mill glow in the dark pigs either. These porkers glow inside and out. Even their organs emit a greenish aura. That’s right, NTU will not settle for second rate glowing pigs. And I say it’s about time. I’ve had to suffer long enough without access to high quality glowing pigs. I’m really glad the demand for luminiscent swine has finally been recognized.

UPDATE: Meanwhile Mutant Frog exposes the true horror of these monsters:

There is no word yet on how bioluminescence will affect the God Pig industry. According to a report last year in the Taipei Times “some farmers even pour metal into their pigs before a contest in order to increase the swine’s weight.” All said, we seen to be well on the way to one-ton partially metallic bioluminescent god pigs. All it takes it one minor lab accident and we’re in the middle of a 1950’s horror movie.

I can see Steve McQueen in this one already….