Jerome Keating writes:

— “Jerome Keating Ph.D.” wrote:

> To all,
> Hope the new year has started off well for you all.
> I am back in Taiwan after Christmas in the States.
> We will be having the breakfast club gathering on
> Saturday January 7th at 9:30 am at Al’s *(previously
> Jukes) the same place we have had it in all past
> gatherings.
> Again, let us have everyone bring the list of the
> five books that they feel have most influenced them
> in their lives. be prepared to share at least one or
> two of your favorites and say why and how they
> influenced you.
> Last time we did not get that much of a chance to go
> into such in detail.
> Also if anyone has been bold or foolish enough to
> make new years resolutions you can share them.
> Look to see you all, bring a smile, be prepared to
> network and share what interests you most. Our
> diversity is our strength.
> Jerome
> PS Feel free to share this with whomever you wish;
> Al’s restaurant/pub is about 3 doors west of the
> Burger King at the southwest corner of Tun Hua South
> Rd. and HoPing East Rd. Sec. 3. You can’t miss it.