January 8, 2006

Call for Papers: New quarterly English language journal China Media

From: _gchen@ETAL.URI.EDU_ (mailto:gchen@ETAL.URI.EDU)


China Media Report (CMR), sponsored by the American Chinese Media Research Association and Communication Studies Institute of Zhejiang University, China, is a newly established quarterly journal. China Media Research is the first international English-language journal in its field. The journal is
intended to bring the results of Chinese media/communication research to the attention of the world, as well as to facilitate, in reciprocal fashion, the acquaintance of scholars within China with media/communication research done outside of China. Therefore, not only papers directly related to all the fields of Chinese media/communication research are desirable, but also thoughtful, pioneering media/communication research papers from any sectors of the world, the acquaintance with which would be useful for media/communication scholars within China, are also welcome. Papers reflecting diverse theoretical
perspectives and both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches are encouraged.

For submission, authors should email an electronic copy of their completed manuscript to editor@chinamediaresearch.net.

China Media Research follows a policy of blind peer review. To facilitate this review, a separate title page should include professional title, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the author(s).

For more information about CMR, please visit www.chinamediaresearch.net (the
articles of the first issue were also posted in CMR website).