Bad news for Taiwan readers: POTS has breathed its last. Some of Taiwan’s best and most knowledgeable English writers — let’s hope they find other venues.


Their final posts are up now; here’s the explanation.

I’M SORRY to inform you all, our readers, that this is the final issue of enPOTS. To be sure, you are the reason this ragtag section happened at all. It sure as hell wasn’t because we were making money, which was a big part of the problem and why it, like all those GM auto workers, is getting laid off.

In the summer of 2003, POTS received a special budget from its parent institution Shihsin University (世新大學) to add an English section, which, like POTS, was ostensibly to have some kind of “educational” value. I actually only became aware of the special budget recently, after it had been cut, but that’s probably my own fault.

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And don’t miss this last one on Xmas in Taipei prison. Devastating.