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January 20, 2006

This week in Japan and the Asia-Pacific

From: mark selden


We’ve decided to break the news: Japan Focus has its eyes not only on Japan but on the Asia Pacific including Northeast Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the United States. If you find the material useful, please consider subscribing at http://Japanfocus.org and encouraging your students and colleagues to do so.

New Articles Posted January 16, 2006

Feature. Arudou Debito, The Coming Internationalization: Can Japan assimilate its immigrants?

1. David McNeill, Flags of Our Fathers: commemorating Iwo Jima
2. Gavan McCormack, North Korea and the US “Strategic Decision”
3. Gregory Clark, Reviving the China Threat
4. Fukushima Mizuho, The Constitution is Japan’s Pledge of Peace to the World

Wars, past and present, are on the radar screens of three of this week’s authors. But we begin and feature Arudou Debito’s exploration of some of the surprising forces working toward the internationalization of Japan through the lens of the battle over immigration. What happens when Clint Eastwood sets out to craft the Battle of Iwo Jima, the signature clash of the Pacific War with an eye to both Japanese and American sensibilities? David McNeill provides an inside perspective on the coming blockbuster. Gavan McCormack explains the political logic behind the US strategic decision to shift focus from North Korea nuclear weapons to human rights issues, and its probable consequences. Gregory Clark probes six decades of the “China Threat” in the eyes of US and Japanese leaders to find a certain myopia. Does the Japan Social Democratic Party offer an alternative to the LDP? Fukushima Mizuho critiques the Koizumi administration’s domestic and international policies in the wake of the LDP’s landslide victory.

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