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NUC Decision

ESWN has saved me a lot of trouble by rounding up a number of articles and opinions on Chen Shui-bian’s scrapping of the NUC in both the world and Hong Kong papers.. One piece discusses the political opinions of Hong Kong newspapers. He also rounds up some of the Hong Kong newspaper stuff, including an [...]

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Daniel from Suitcasing celebrates 2-28

Daniel from the blog Suitcasing came down from Taipei yesterday to eat, drink, and be daring on the Big Board. We passed a wonderful afternoon chatting about life and blogging — two topics that in my case have a nearly 100% overlap — boozing, eating my wife’s cookies and playing Axis and Allies.
Daniel decides on [...]

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STOP_george Teaches DailyKos

STOP_george has put up a wonderful teaching tool at Dailykos about the current crisis. Don’t miss it.
[Taiwan] [US] [China] [Chen Shui-bian] [US Foreign Policy] [Taiwan Independence] [Taiwan Relations Act (TRA)] [TRA] [Democracy] [DPP]
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Fire Sale on Kaohsiung City Council Votes

I’ve decided that what I really want to do is become a Kaohsiung city council member so I can get tons of cash showered on me by gang-connected politicos. It’s a dirty job, but somebody….
Kaohsiung prosecutors on Saturday night raided an illegal gambling house which is suspected of being used to generate funding for a [...]

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NUC scrapped

How stupid is this situation: Taiwan scraps a defunct body that has an annual budget that is less than what I spend to take my family to the local Indian restaurant, and it is international news. CNN disgorges:
TAIPEI, Taiwan (Reuters) — Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian scrapped on Monday a body on unification with China and [...]

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Asia Rare Books in NY Fire Sale

This came on H-Asia. Some of you in the Big Apple might want to drop a few bucks.
I have this evening received the following notice from Stephen Feldmanof Asian Rare books in New York. This may be a good opportunity topurchase books (or the business, which is also for sale).
Phil Brown
After 31 years as owner [...]

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Ma Says Lien Chan is President

Ni Howdy was right. I finally got a chance to listen to the BBC “Hardtalk” interview. Ni Howdy in their excellent take on the Ma interview said

Around minute 13:20 he calls twice-failed presidential candidate Lian Zhan“President Lian Zhan.” Correct?
As far as I can tell, this is correct. At 13:23 Ma does indeed refer to Lien [...]

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Sunday, Februrary 26, 2006, Taiwan Blog Round up

The new semester has started, and its time once again for another round up of the Taiwan blogs. Enjoy the good weather because a cold front is due later in the week! Lots of doings on the political front lately.

The big news this week, at least from the perspective of those of us who engage [...]

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Weekend Doings

Another relaxing weekend, the last one for several months, I anticipate.
Thursday I ran into old students Dennis (my left) and Eric (my right) on campus. I hadn’t seen Eric in two years. Like so many Taiwanese Eric is off to China to work, managing some kind of supply company, and Dennis works for a biotech [...]

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Swenson’s Meet Up, Sat Mar 4

Jerome Keating passed around The Word today:
To all,
Greetings!We will have our regular monthly meeting this Saturday March 4th at 9:30 am at the same place as last month; Swensen’s #81 Keelung Rd. Sec. 2, Taipei.
Phone in case you need extra directions 02–2735-3696
I hope to provide you all with a sheet of interesting books from [...]

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One Story, two points of view

The DPP government has recently floated the eminently sensible (at least to us Big Noses) idea of eliminating the ROC calendar and using the Gregorian system common in the rest of the world. The pro-Green Taipei Times simply reports the article in a deceptively neutral tone:
Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) yesterday told lawmakers that the government [...]

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New Semester, Old Students

“Whoever is a teacher through and through takes all things seriously only in relation to his students — even himself.” — Nietzsche
Obervations: The new semester has started here. I’m teaching 18 hours this semester, partly as the result of being the sucker they go to in emergencies, and partly to save money for my parents’ [...]

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Sinosplice Character Creations

Sinosplice, an excellent China blog, has a funny post on foreigner-invented Chinese characters. Some knowledge of Chinese required.
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Ma Ying-jeou interview on BBC: A tissue of lies?

Thanks to cleverClaire, we now have a transcript of the Ma Ying-jeou BBC “Hardtalk” interview the other day (part one, part two, part three).
The interview begins with Ma conceding that China is a threat to Taiwan. The discussion then moves to the KMT’s refusal to support the arms purchase. Ma defends the KMT with his [...]

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Ma Interview Transcript in English

Blogger cleverClaire has a rough English transcript up on her blog:
Part I
Part II
Part III
Thanks, Claire. That is extremely useful.
[Taiwan] [KMT] [Ma Ying-jeou]
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