Jason at Wandering to Tamshui has the call on the latest version of the Man Called Horse (Ma Ying-jeou) getting smoked on the BBC.

KMT Chairman Ma ying-jeou sat down the other day for a BBC “Hardtalk” interview (RealPlaya required) that soon had me rolling on the ground in convulsions. Ever the fish out of water, Ma looks at times like he’s either getting getting a fist colonoscopy while wondering which KMT PR flack he’s going to fire for putting him on a show where the interviewer actually challenges the guest’s bullshit (something Hizzoner most certainly does not lack.) Never one to allow policy debates to become dry, depressing affairs, I’ve come up with a drinking game to further enhance your viewing pleasure (as if that’s possible).

Go and listen and judge for yourself, but it looks like Ma is so used to the fawning international and local Taiwan media that tough questions are out of his depth. Hopefully the Taipei Times will have a transcript today or tomorrow; if not, I’ll try and create one. The Liberty Times has it in Chinese today (thursday).

Pixel by pixel, the image of Ma is slowing becoming clear: if Mayor and Chairman Ma keeps opening his mouth, and President Chen Shui-bian keeps a low profile, the good mayor of Taipei may well win the next two elections for the DPP. I suspect that at the moment Ma has acquired ascendancy over his handlers. Can this continue?

UPDATE: Ma Ying-jeou interview on BBC went better than I thought, I’ve decided.